Smart and Efficient Keurig K575 K-Cup Coffee Maker

When it comes to brewing the best and professional quality coffee at home, Keurig has always made it possible and simple. But the all-new K575 K-Cup coffee maker has proven to be one of the most technologically advanced brewing machines in the world. With plenty of upgrades and stylish new look, this coffee maker is simply unbeatable. There are innovative features and options that make it an ideal machine for most homes and offices. With plenty of customizable settings, you can get a cup of fresh brew with the taste of your preference.

Advanced Features

The Keurig K575 coffee maker comes with a touchscreen control panel that makes it easy to use. It has an extra large screen that helps you make your choice easily. The color screen makes it easy to differentiate between each available options. You can choose from various settings depending on the quantity and taste that you prefer. It also allows you to set different color themed wallpapers that makes it look very attractive. There is an 80-ounce water reservoir that is ideal for multiple batches of coffee preparation.

Different Sizes

The K575 supports K-Cups, K-mugs, and K-Carafe pods and you can even choose different quantities of all the three pods sizes. The K-cup gives you an option to choose from 4 ounces up to 12 ounces per cup. The mug options range between 12 ounces and 18 ounces while the carafe gives you an option from 22 to 30 ounce per preparation. So this coffee maker is ideal for making even just a fresh single cup of coffee anytime you want.

Varieties of Coffee

You name all the popular American coffee brands and the K575 has it for you. This coffee maker comes with 6 counts of a different variety of k-cup pods that you can enjoy. That’s not all, there are plenty of other varieties and flavors you can choose from too. You can even make tea, chai and hot chocolates in this single coffee maker. With just one simple touch, you can brew any type of coffee you want, in no time.

Programmable Settings

This machine comes with auto on/off the program and you can set the timer when you want it to turn on and off. So by the time you come home tired from work, a fresh brew of coffee is waiting for you to relish. There is a setting that allows you to adjust the strength of your coffee too. The night setting comes with backlighting that makes it easy to use the machine even in dark. There is an option just for the hot water and there are five different temperature settings depending on your preference. You can even set your own set of preference as a default and that is the coffee you will get every time.

Reusable Filter

The Keurig K575 comes with reusable k-cup filters that allow you to brew any ground coffee even without the pods. So you can enjoy your custom brew coffee using this filter. And hence there are no hassles of replacing your filter frequently. This machine also comes with a water filter handle and two water filters.

On a whole, this coffee maker is the best one that suits modern generation and can make your life easy when you want a fresh cup of hot coffee at home or office.

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