5 Best Smelling Colognes for Wearing this Christmas

Christmas is around the corner. It’s that time of the year when our personality leaves a strong impact on other people. Whether you want to impress others or you just want to smell right, there is always the perfect cologne for you. We’ve picked a slew of scents from light to dark, citrusy to spicy to help you find your signature cologne. Here is the rundown of the 5 best smelling colognes for wearing this Christmas;

Lucky You Lucky Brand Cologne 3.4OZ for Men

Lucky you cologne features an energetic blend of fresh citrus, mossy aromas, and a sharp mix of woody. The main ingredients include t-Butyl Alcohol, Alcohol Denat, Denatonium Benzoate, Water (Aqua), and Fragrance (Parfum). What’s more, the bottle has a green color that goes along with the name. You’ll get a lot of compliments when you wear it. Apart from the great price tag, it’s long lasting. The cologne is recommended for casual and everyday wear.

Wing Man Solid cologne for men

Wing Man fragrance is a light blend of Bergamot, Musk, and Sandalwood. Besides that, it’s made from natural ingredients. The cologne is packaged in a metal tin that easily fits in your pocket. For a long-lasting fragrance, you should apply it on your wrist or base neck after showering. If you consider yourself charismatic, and seductive in your classy way, this is the best cologne for you.

Bleu de Chanel EDT cologne

It features a woody aromatic fragrance for a man who defies the odd. The Bleu de Channel is infused with crisp citrus notes that offer an intense concentration of vibrant fragrance. The product reduces underarm wetness and ensures you smell good all day. Of course, it will last for a long time. This brand is known for quality and authenticity of its products. It’s currently one of the best selling colognes in the world. Apart from enhancing your hygiene, the cologne comes at an affordable price.

St John’s Bay Rum West Indian Rum cologne

The cologne contains a blend of the richest West Indian Bay rich oils, pure lime, and premium Caribbean fragrances that create anatural essence of eucalyptus. It’s handcrafted to create a unique scent which forms part of your grooming routine. The St John’s Bay Rum cologne comes with a 10ML roll. It’s one of the best selling colognes with a convenient package. This product is crafted for men who exhibit sophistication but are also irresistible.

The Apothecary Men’s Fragrance Solid Wax cologne

The cologne is handmade from an assorted blend of natural ingredients including jasmine, Red Apple, Sandalwood, and Tonka beans. The sleek packaging makes it convenient for travel. Furthermore, the embossed logo on the underside makes opening and closing the tin quite easy. The product is designed for men who want to draw attention to others. It’s applied to the pulse joint of your choice including the neck, inner elbows, and wrists. The scent will last for 3 to 4 hours.

Bottom line

If you are still using that old cologne you bought last Christmas, it’s time you give yourself a changeover. Each of the above products will work for all type of personalities and styles. They also come with a unique smell. We also highly recommend the colognes from POLO.

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